• Compaq Keyboard for HP Laptop Compaq CQ60 G60
  • Compaq Keyboard for HP Laptop Compaq CQ60 G60
  • Compaq Keyboard for HP Laptop Compaq CQ60 G60

Compaq Keyboard for HP Laptop Compaq CQ60 G60

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Compaq CQ60 G60

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Compaq Keyboard for HP Laptop Compaq CQ60 G60

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100 pc

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Product Description

Keyboard for  HP Laptop Compaq CQ60 G60

Color: Gloss Silver

Condition: brand new, Original

Remark: Ribbon cable included

Warranty: 12 months
Compatible Part number#  
502958-001, NSK-HAA01, NSK-HAC01,MP-08A93US-442,

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Fit Laptop/notebook models:
All Compaq Presarion CQ60 series--
CQ60-101AU CQ60-112TX CQ60-203TX CQ60-210TU CQ60-218TU
CQ60-101TX CQ60-113TU CQ60-204AU CQ60-210US CQ60-219TU
CQ60-101XX CQ60-113TX CQ60-204NR CQ60-211DX CQ60-220TU
CQ60-102TX CQ60-114TU CQ60-204TU CQ60-211TU CQ60-220US
CQ60-102XX CQ60-216DX CQ60-204TX CQ60-211TX CQ60-221TU
CQ60-103AU CQ60-114TX CQ60-205TX CQ60-212TU CQ60-224NR
CQ60-103XX CQ60-115TU CQ60-206AU CQ60-212TX CQ60-228US
HP G60 series notebooks--
HP G60-120US HP G60-118NR HP G60-247CL HP G60-237NR HP G60-230CA
HP G60-125NR HP G60-123CL HP G60-208CA HP G60-233NR HP G60-235CA
HP G60-119OM HP G60-126CA HP G60-228CA HP G60-243DX HP G60-238CA
HP G60T-200 CTO HP G60-230US HP G60-128CA HP G60-244DX HP G60-237US
HP G60-127CL HP G60-235DX HP G60-104CA HP G60-231WM HP G60-235WM
HP G60-117US HP G60-243CL HP G60-127NR HP G60-236US

Payment Terms︰ tt,western union,money gram

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